Newberry District Estate Records: Book D: 1803-1814

This is an index of the Newberry District probate records from Book D, covering the years of 1803-1814. We have listed them alphabetically, though they’ll be found on the microfilm roll in number order. Microfilm: Newberry District Estate Records, 1787-1814: South Carolina Archives Roll# N400.

194Adams, Georgeinventory
195Adams, Georgeletters of administration
196Adams, Georgewill
78Anderson, William Srwill
79Anderson, William Srletters of administration
80Aston, Adamadministrators bond
81Aston, Adamletters of administration
82Aston, Adaminventory
83Aston, Adamrelinquishment of administrator
230Banks, Davidinventory
231Banks, Davidestate sale
76Baskett, Jamesestate sale
91Bates, Georgewill
92Bates, Georgeletters of administration
244Bates, Henryinventory
245Bates, Henryestate sale
135Beard, Elenderapprenticeship bond
93Beard, Johnwill
94Beard, Johnprotest/agreement
95Beard, Johnletters of administration
96Beard, Johninventory
97Beard, Johnestate sale
105Bell, Johnapprenticeship bond
235Boyce, Johnadministrators bond
236Boyce, Johninventory
237Boyce, Johnestate sale
233Boyd, Johninventory
234Boyd, Johnestate sale
199Brooks, Elishawill
246Brown, Georgewill
247Brown, Georgeinventory
123Cannon, Ephraimwill
124Cannon, Ephraimletters of administration
125Cannon, Ephraiminventory
126Cannon, Ephraimestate sale
241Cannon, Isaacwill
242Cannon, Isaacinventory
243Cannon, Isaacestate sale
249Chandler, Jameswill
229Chapman, Abrahamwill
32Coate, Johnwill
33Coate, Johnletters of administration
34Coate, Johninventory
35Coate, Johnestate sale
44Coate, Johnadministrators bond
45Coate, Johninventory
46Coate, Johnestate sale
47Coate, Little Johnadministrators bond
48Coate, Little Johnletters of administration
49Coate, Little Johninventory
50Coate, Little Johnestate sale
36Cobler, Samuelletters of administration
203Coghlin, Jamesadministrators bond
232Coke, Josephwill
40Cole, Jamesadministrators bond
41Cole, Jamesletters of administration
42Cole, Jamesinventory
43Cole, Jamesestate sale
39Coppock, Johnestate sale
144Cox, Johnletters of administration
145Cox, Johnadministrators bond
146Cox, Johninventory
147Cox, Johnestate sale
148Cox, Johnlist of notes
253Cox, Williamwill
28Davis, Johnadministrators bond
29Davis, Johnletters of administration
30Davis, Johninventory
31Davis, Johnestate sale
23Devenport, Franceswill
108Devenport, Francis Jrestate sale
24Devenport, Isaacadministrators bond
25Devenport, Isaacletters of administration
26Devenport, Isaacinventory
27Devenport, Isaacestate sale
86Eigleberger, Georgewill
87Eigleberger, Georgeletters of administration
88Eigleberger, Georgeinventory
89Eigleberger, Georgeestate sale
206Elleman, Johnwill
207Elleman, Johnadministrators bond
212Elleman, Johnletters of administration
213Elleman, Johninventory
214Elleman, Johnestate sale
66Elmore, Ridgewaywill
67Elmore, Ridgewayletters of administration
68Elmore, Ridgewayinventory
69Elmore, Ridgewayestate sale
84Frost, Jacobadministrators bond
85Frost, Jacobletters of administration
117Gaines, Delilahletters of administration
98Gaines, Thomasaccounting
99Gaines, Thomasestate sale
100Gaines, Thomasinventory
131Galbreath, Johnwill
132Galbreath, Johnletters of administration
133Galbreath, Johninventory
134Galbreath, Johnestate sale
250Gary, Charleswill
169Gilbert, Caryadministrators bond
170Gilbert, Caryletters of administration
171Gilbert, Caryinventory
172Gilbert, Caryestate sale
114Gipson, Janeadministrators bond
115Gipson, Janeletters of administration
238Glen, Johnletters of administration
239Glen, Johninventory
119Goggans, Danieladministrators bond
120Goggans, Danielletters of administration
121Goggans, Danielinventory
122Goggans, Danielestate sale
118Golding, Williamaffidavit
113Graham, Joelestate sale
116Griffin, Williaminventory
77Hall, Nancy & Johnguardianship bond
224Harmon, Williamwill
225Harmon, Williaminventory
226Harmon, Williamestate sale
101Harrington, Abeladministrators bond
102Harrington, Abelletters of administration
103Harrington, Abelinventory
104Harrington, Abelestate sale
37Hopper, Williamadministrators bond
38Hopper, Williamletters of administration
204Hughins, Robertadministrators bond
51Inman, Johnwill
52Inman, Johnletters of administration
53Inman, Johnestate sale
58Irby, Henryadministrators bond
59Irby, Henryletters of administration
60Irby, Henryinventory
61Irby, Henryestate sale
106Irby, Jamesapprenticeship bond
107Irby, Johnapprenticeship bond
216James, Johninventory
217James, Johnestate sale
228James, Johnwill
54Johnston, Williamwill
55Johnston, Williamletters of administration
190Jones, Joshuawill
240Kinard, Johnwill
22Landers, Michaelwill
14Langford, Williamadministrators bond
15Langford, Williamletters of administration
16Langford, Williaminventory
12Latham, Georgeadministrators bond
13Latham, Georgeaccounting
251Law, Samuel Jrwill
252Law, Samuel Jrestate sale
62Livingston, Georgeadministrators bond
63Livingston, Georgeletters of administration
64Livingston, Georgeinventory
182Man, Johnwill
181Mann, Annrelinquished executorship
183Mann, Johnletters of administration
184Mann, Johninventory
185Mann, Johnestate sale
176Mann, Susannahinventory
65McClelland, Forgusadministrators bond
70McClelland, Forgusinventory
186McConnell, Williamwill
187McConnell, Williamletters of administration
188McConnell, Williaminventory
109McCracken, Thomasadministrators bond
110McCracken, Thomasletters of administration
111McCracken, Thomasinventory
112McCracken, Thomasestate sale
197Miles, Samuelwill
215Miles, Samuelinventory
220Miles, Samuelestate sale
221Miles, Samuelinventory
222Miles, Samueladministrators bond
157Mills, Rebekahadministrators bond
158Mills, Rebekahletters of administration
159Mills, Rebekahinventory
177Moore, Robertadministrators bond
178Moore, Robertletters of administration
179Moore, Robertinventory
180Moore, Robertestate sale
248Mouner, Robertwill
191Murdock, Hamiltoninventory
192Murdock, Hamiltonadministrators bond
193Murdock, Hamiltonestate sale
57Newman, Samuelwill
90Nichols, Georgeestate sale
136Odell, Rignaladministrators bond
137Odell, Rignalletters of administration
138Odell, Rignalinventory
139Odell, Rignalestate sale
255O’Neall, Marywill
1Parkins, DanielNotes/debts
254Parkins, Danielestate sale
5Parkins, Elizabethguardianship bond
6Patty, Margarettwill
7Patty, Margarettinventory
2Payne, Richardwill
3Payne, Richardletters of administration
4Payne, Richardinventory
173Payne, Richardestate sale
174Pitts, Danielestate sale
153Pitts, Daniel Jradministrators bond
154Pitts, Daniel Jrletters of administration
155Pitts, Daniel Jrinventory
156Pitts, Daniel Jrestate sale
9Pitts, Henryadministrators bond
10Pitts, Henryletters of administration
11Pitts, Henryinventory
8Pitts, Henry Srwill
56Price, Johnwill
75Reed, Danieladministrators bond
160Reed, Danielletters of administration
161Reed, Danielinventory
162Reed, Danielestate sale
163Reed, Danielrelinquished executorship
168Reed, Danielletters of administration
164Reed, Maryadministrators bond
165Reed, Maryletters of administration
166Reed, Maryinventory
167Reed, Maryestate sale
175Riley, Johnbond for land
227Satterwhite, Bartlettwill
189Satterwhite, Johnwill
201Smith, Jamesinventory
202Smith, Jamesletters of administration
200Smyth, Jameswill
127Spence, Thomasapprenticeship bond
208Stark, Thomasinventory
209Stark, Thomasadministrators bond
210Stark, Thomasletters of administration
211Stark, Thomasestate sale
218Stewart, Josephadministrators bond
219Stewart, Josephestate sale
205Stewart, Joshuawill
223Stewart, Joshualetters of administration
140Stewart, Robertwill
141Stewart, Robertletters of administration
142Stewart, Robertinventory
143Stewart, Robertestate sale
149Stewart, Robertwill
150Stewart, Robertletters of administration
151Stewart, Robertinventory
152Stewart, Robertestate sale
128Thomas, Johnadministrators bond
129Thomas, Johninventory
130Thomas, Johnestate sale
198Tinny, Williamwill
71Vaughn, Nicholaswill
72Vaughn, Nicholasletters of administration
73Vaughn, Nicholasinventory
74Vaughn, Nicholasestate sale
17Williams, Nancyguardianship bond
18Williams, Stephenadministrators bond
19Williams, Stephenletters of administration
20Williams, Stepheninventory
21Williams, Stephenestate sale

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