History of Orangeburg Presbyterian Church, 1835-1935

The facts herein presented are in no sense meant as an extensive history of the Orangeburg Presbyterian Church. In assembling this data, the author has had in mind the aim of presenting only the salient facts in the organization’s history. For this reason, he has purposely refrained from indulging the natural tendency to magnify or eulogize the several outstanding personalities which have been connected with the Church, both in official and non-official capacities. We revere the memories of these and the fact that no extended reference is made to their many noble traits is intended in no sense to detract from the glory which attaches to their honored and useful ministries.

In preparing the history of Orangeburg Presbyterian Church materials have been gathered from many sources. Much use has been made of a history of the Church written in 1896 by Ruhng Elder John A. Hamilton. Recourse was also had to the Minutes of General Assembly, the History of the Presbyterian Church in South Carolina since 1850, edited by Drs, F. D. Jones and W. H. Mills, the historical data compiled by the Woman’s Auxiliary, and the memory of persons now (1935) living.

Charleston Presbytery met at Orangeburg, S. C, with a view to founding a church at this point. On Saturday afternoon. May 2, 1835, the organization was effected. There were present. Rev. Dr. R. Post, of Circular Church, Charleston; Rev. Dr. W. C. Dana, of Central Church (now Westminster), Charleston; also Rev. B. Gilderslieve. The following persons were admitted to membership: Dr. James W. Taylor, M.D., Dr. T. A. Elliott, M.D., Mrs. Harriet Elliott, Mrs. Caroline Glover, Mrs. Elizabeth Jamison, Mrs. Elizabeth Rumph, Mrs. M. Jamison, Miss Rebecca Badger, Dr. V. D. V. Jamison, M.D., and Mr. James Taylor, by certificate; and by examination, the following: Mrs. Sophia M. Glover, Mrs. Mary Dwight, Mrs. Emma C. Legare, Mr. Sanders Glover, and Mr. John N. Barrillon: a total of fifteen earnest, hopeful members.


Estes, Frank Bigham, History of Orangeburg Presbyterian Church, 1835-1935, Orangeburg, S.C.: Observer Publishing Co., 1936.

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