Newberry District Estate Records: Book C: 1800-1803

This is an index of the Newberry District probate records from Book C, covering the years of 1800-1803. We have listed them alphabetically, though they’ll be found on the microfilm roll in number order. Microfilm: Newberry District Estate Records, 1787-1814: South Carolina Archives Roll# N400.

151Airfax, Samuelletters of administration
152Airfax, Samuelinventory
153Airfax, Samuelestate sale
63Anderson, Abrahamadministrators bond
64Anderson, Abrahamappraisement
128Anderson, Abrahamestate sale
65Anderson, Henryguardianship bond
208Aston, Adamletters of administration
209Aston, Adaminventory
264Aston, Adamrelinquishment
265Aston, Adamadministrators bond
266Aston, Adamletters of administration
267Aston, Adamappraisement
141Atkinson, Johnestate sale
69Bair, Jacobadministrators bond
70Bair, Jacobletters of administration
71Bair, Jacobappraisement
135Bair, Jacobestate sale
260Bale, Johnappraisement
137Bates, Michaelwill
138Bates, Michaelletters of administration
139Bates, Michaelappraisement
198Bates, Michaelestate sale
78Bell, Johnwill
79Bell, Johnletters of administration
80Bell, Johnappraisement
97Bell, Johnestate sale
54Bennett, Micajahadministrators bond
196Bennett, Micajahadministrators bond
9Caltran, Matthewestate sale
165Chambers, Adamletters of administration
166Chambers, Adaminventory
193Chambers, Adamestate sale
94Coat, Thomaswill
288Coate, Henrymarriage bond
147Coate, Thomasappraisement
148Coate, Thomasestate sale
250Cole, Williamletters of administration
251Cole, Williaminventory
252Cole, Williamestate sale
103Collingsworth, Hannahguardianship bond
104Collingsworth, Johnguardianship bond
140Collingsworth, Williamaccounting
253Collinsworth, Haninakguardianship bond
45Collinsworth, Williamappraisement
46Collinsworth, Williamestate sale
27Colteran, Mathewestate sale
28Connely, Edwardadministrators bond
29Connely, Edwardletters of administration
30Connely, Edwardappraisement
31Connely, Edwardestate sale
32Connely, Johnguardianship bond
246Conway, Edwinwill
247Conway, Edwinletters of administration
93Cooper, Williamwill
155Cooper, Williamletters of administration
215Coppock, Johnletters of administration
216Coppock, Johninventory
144Coppock, John Jrwill
136Coppock, Josephwill
145Creswell, Jamesadministrators bond
146Creswell, Jamesinventory
190Creswell, Jamesestate sale
191Creswell, Jameslist of debts
1Cromer, Jacobadministrators bond
2Cromer, Jacobletters of administration
3Cromer, Jacobappraisement
77Cromer, Jacobappraisement
230Crow, Charles Srwill
23Crumly, Charlesadministrators bond
24Crumly, Charlesletters of administration
25Crumly, Charlesappraisement
26Crumly, Charlesestate sale
118Davenport, Francisappraisement
119Davenport, Francisestate sale
278Devenport, Isaacadministrators bond
279Devenport, Isaacletters of administration
280Devenport, Isaacinventory
11Dodgen, Maryadministrators bond
12Dodgen, Maryletters of administration
13Dodgen, Maryappraisement
14Dodgen, Maryestate sale
300Drennan, Robertwill
170Ducket, Thomasletters of administration
171Ducket, Thomasinventory
172Ducket, Thomasestate sale
239Edens, Abrahamwill
240Edens, Abrahamletters of administration
241Edens, Abrahaminventory
42Fear, Samuelwill
33Feller, Johnwill
261Fetts, Andrewletters of administration
262Fetts, Andrewappraisement
263Fetts, Andrewestate sale
229Finley, Annewill
283Fish, Johnestate sale
299Fowler, Elijahnuncupative will
20Frey, Jacobwill
113Gaines, Isabellaguardianship bond
114Gaines, Jamesguardianship bond
112Gaines, Maryguardianship bond
195Gaines, Peggy & othersguardianship bond
177Gaines, Thomasappraisement
295Gains, Delilahadministrators bond
296Gains, Delilahletters of administration
15Gantt, Israelwill
16Gantt, Israeladministrators bond
17Gantt, Israelletters of administration
18Gantt, Israelappraisement
19Gantt, Israelestate sale
167Gary, Johnletters of administration
168Gary, Johninventory
169Gary, Johnestate sale
227Gary, Thomaswill
282Gary, Thomasinventory
298Gary, Thomasestate sale
84Gary, Williamadministrators bond
85Gary, Williamletters of administration
86Gary, Williamappraisement
87Gary, Williamestate sale
303George, Davisaccounting
95Gillam, Johnwill
178Gillam, Johnletters of administration
284Gillam, Johninventory
184Godfrey, Jamesletters of administration
185Godfrey, Jamesappraisement
186Godfrey, Jamesestate sale
175Golding, Williamletters of administration
236Goodman, Timothywill
237Goodman, Timothyletters of administration
238Goodman, Timothyappraisement
183Gorie, Danielappraisement
181Gorie, Williamletters of administration
182Gorie, Williaminventory
194Gorie, Williamestate sale
223Gorrie, Danielwill
281Gorrie, Danielsettlement
160Gorrie, Williamwill
232Gorrie, Williamletters of administration
161Graham, Joelletters of administration
162Graham, Joelinventory
271Graham, Joelestate sale
207Griffin, Jamesinventory
268Griffin, Williamadministrators bond
269Griffin, Williamappraisement
270Griffin, Williamestate sale
210Griffith, Maryletters of administration
211Griffith, Maryinventory
92Grimes, Thomaswill
304Hagor, Georgeadministrators bond
305Hagor, Georgeletters of administration
306Hagor, Georgeinventory
307Hagor, Georgeestate sale
58Hamilton, Jamesletters of administration
59Hamilton, Jamesadministrators bond
156Haney, Williamwill
301Haney, Williamletters of administration
302Haney, Williamwill
204Hawkins, Peterwill
272Haynie, Williamadministrators bond
274Haynie, Williaminventory
4Hays, Jameswill
5Hays, Jamesadministrators bond
49Hays, Jamesletters of administration
50Hays, Jamesappraisement
51Hays, Jamesestate sale
52Hendricks, Williamarticles of agreement
53Hendricks, Williamappraisement
117Hipp, Johnwill
106Hopper, Maryanguardianship bond
150Horsey, Danielletters of administration
224Hutchison, Alexanderwill
225Hutchison, Alexanderletters of administration
226Hutchison, Alexanderappraisement
308Hutchison, Alexanderestate sale
220Johns, Johnletters of administration
221Johns, Johnappraisement
222Johns, Johnestate sale
10Johnston, Johnwill
154Johnston, Johnestate sale
231Johnston, Johnwill
254Jones, Elisha & othersguardianship bond
143Jones, Jesseinventory
173Kay, Thomasletters of administration
174Kay, Thomasinventory
205Kay, Thomasinventory
245Kesler, Henrywill
248Kesler, Henryinventory
249Kesler, Henryestate sale
124Kinard, Johnadministrators bond
125Kinard, Johnletters of administration
126Kinard, Johninventory
127Kinard, Johnestate sale
55King, Jacobguardianship bond
255Latiner, John Vguardianship bond
256Lattiner, John Vwill
257Lattiner, John Vletters of administration
258Lattiner, John Vappraisement
259Lattiner, John Vestate sale
120Liles, Nancyadministrators bond
121Liles, Nancyletters of administration
122Liles, Nancyinventory
123Liles, Nancyestate sale
76Lofton, Johnwill
81Long, Bartholomewletters of administration
82Long, Bartholomewadministrators bond
83Long, Bartholomewappraisement
102Long, Bartholomewestate sale
289Long, Betseymarriage bond
116Long, Smyth, Andrewestate sale
90Man, Susannahwill
297Mauedent, Johnadministrators bond
47McDonnald, Jeremiahletters of administration
41Montgomery, Williamwill
275Moore, Robertadministrators bond
276Moore, Robertletters of administration
277Moore, Robertappraisement
149Morries, Johnletters of administration
291Morris, Elishaadministrators bond
292Morris, Elishaletters of administration
293Morris, Elishainventory
294Morris, Elishaestate sale
66Nichols, Georgeadministrators bond
67Nichols, Georgeletters of administration
68Nichols, Georgeappraisement
217Noland, Auburyletters of administration
218Noland, Auburyinventory
219Noland, Auburyestate sale
228Parkart, Johnwill
133Pearkins, Amosadministrators bond
134Pearkins, Amosappraisement
6Pearson, Williamadministrators bond
7Pearson, Williamletters of administration
8Pearson, Williaminventory
21Pearson, Williamappraisement
96Pemberton, Isaiahwill
310Perkins, Danieladministrators bond
311Perkins, Danielletters of administration
312Perkins, Danielinventory
313Perkins, Danielestate sale
98Perry, Nathanadministrators bond
99Perry, Nathanletters of administration
100Perry, Nathanappraisement
101Perry, Nathanestate sale
157Pitts, Abnerwill
158Pitts, Abnerletters of administration
159Pitts, Abnerinventory
290Plontech, Charleswill
285Pratt, Jonathanletters of administration
286Pratt, Jonathaninventory
287Pratt, Jonathanestate sale
199Proctor, Philipletters of administration
200Proctor, Philipinventory
201Proctor, Philipestate sale
43Reagan, Johnletters of administration
44Reagan, Johnappraisement
48Reagan, Johnestate sale
34Reitthover, George Michaelwill
35Reitthover, George Michaeladministrators bond
36Reitthover, George Michaelappraisement
37Reitthover, George Michaelestate sale
105Rittenhover, Barbaryguardianship bond
192Ruff, Christianestate sale
206Ruff, Jamesletters of administration
179Sanders, Elizabethguardianship bond
108Skather, Williamguardianship bond
242Soulter, Martinwill
243Soulter, Martinletters of administration
244Soulter, Martininventory
132Speaman, Thomasestate sale
72Spearman, Jameswill
73Spearman, Jamesletters of administration
74Spearman, Jamesappraisement
75Spearman, Jamesestate sale
107Spearman, Robertguardianship bond
129Spearman, Thomasadministrators bond
130Spearman, Thomasletters of administration
131Spearman, Thomasappraisement
309Spearman, Thomasaccounting
163Spence, Andrewletters of administration
164Spence, Andrewinventory
203Spence, Andrewestate sale
110Spence, Annyguardianship bond
111Spence, Grizannahguardianship bond
109Spence, Robertguardianship bond
115Spence, Thomasguardianship bond
233Tinsley, Elizabethwill
234Tinsley, Elizabethletters of administration
235Tinsley, Elizabethinventory
187Utts, Catherineletters of administration
188Utts, Catherineinventory
189Utts, Catherineestate sale
56Wadlington, Georgeguardianship bond
57Wadlington, Thomasguardianship bond
22Wadlington, Williamwill
197Waldrop, Isaacguardianship bond
273Waldrop, Jamesestate sale
61Waldrop, Johnestate sale
212Waldrop, Maryletters of administration
213Waldrop, Maryinventory
214Waldrop, Maryestate sale
60Waldrop, Stephenguardianship bond
91Wallace, Johnwill
176Wallace, Johninventory
202Walters, Phillemoninventory
180Watters, Philemonappraisement
62Wood, Johnwill
88Wood, Johnletters of administration
89Wood, Johnappraisement
142Wood, Johninventory
38Yon, Jacobletters of administration
39Yon, Jacobappraisement
40Yon, Jacobestate sale

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