Volunteers in the War Against Mexico

This is an article from the Edgefield Advertiser dated February 11th, 1836, concerning a reunion of the men who volunteered to serve in the War against Mexico.

Note: The following information pertains to the men who were drafted to assist the United States in its War against Mexico.

From the Edgefield Advertiser, February 11th, 1836:

Our readers are informed that an express reached Governor McDuffie eight or ten day’s ago, requiring two regiments of men from the State, for the Florida service. A requisition of three companies was made upon this District. The Tenth Regiment was immediately assembled, and it is highly gratifying for us to record that the draft was superseded by the prompt volunteering of the men. In all the Regiments more men tendered their services than were required and the officers of the respective companies were compelled to refuse many. And as strange as it may sound to the ears of some, it is nevertheless true, that we saw men with tears in their eyes, begging that they should be received. On Thursday last the three companies were assembled at this place by order of the Governor to be reviewed and ordered to their place of destination.

A fine band of music attended from Hamburg, and never did we see at this place a larger throng of our citizens. His Excellency made a short, but animating address to the respective companies, he told them they were charged with the honor of South Carolina, and said he had no fears that honor was safe. We looked at the officers and we looked at the men again and again, and we will venture to say without intending a boast that the volunteers of Edgefield, come what may, will nobly do their duty.

In the evening they took up the march to Aiken, under an escort of Captain Griffin’s Troop of Cavalry. They are destined for Charleston, and finally, we understand, for Picalati, Florida.

It may he important to observe that a fund of upward of $5,000 was subscribed by our citizens for these brave volunteers and that the ladies of our village, with a patriotism and public spirit highly commendable were most busily engaged up to the very moment of their departure, in the making of uniforms for Captain Jones’ Company, of this Regiment and providing otherwise for their comfort.

We have the pleasure of laying before our readers the names of the officers and privates.

Seventh Regiment

James Jones, Captain
Eldred Simkins, First Lieutenant
Edmund L. Penn, Second Lieutenant
John W. Wimbush, Ensign
Milledge E. Bonham, First Sergeant
Charles K. Johnson, Second Sergeant
Giles Mims, Third Sergeant
Aquilla Miles, Fourth Sergeant
W. P. Delph, First Corporal
Arthur Simkins, Second Corporal
Bartley M. Mims, Third Corporal
John M. Prothro, Fourth Corporal
Julius C. Perdue, Fifth Corporal


Thomas G. Bacon
Wilson Bartlet
Thomas Bird John Bradley
B. C. Bryan
Wm. H. Bunch
Richard J. Burton
Wm. M. Burt
Edward Butler
Dennis Carpenter
Isham Carpenter
Noah Corley
Enos Clark
Sherry Covar
Wincey Dorton
Herbert Elder
Ephr’m Franklin
Casper Gallman
Milledge Galphin
William Q. Gardner
Wm. G. Gilliam
Edmund Glascock
John Grice
Eldred Grice
Jeremiah Hall
James Hagood
Lucius E. Hall
Leroy H. Hall
Thos. J. Hamilton
Isham Haney
William Harris
Benjamin Harrison
William Jackson
Robert Kenny
Stewart Long
William Lyles
Sampson B. Mays
Henry Mays
Stephen Mays
Wm. H. Mears
George Miller
John Mims
John W. Mundy
David Murphy
Joseph Nobles
Feb. Nifholas
William Pierce
Smith Radford
Richard Ripley
Stanmore B. Ryan
Benjamin I. Ryan
Lewis Satcher
Ab. Swearingen
James Swearingen
Davis Tissick
Edward Trailer
Enoch Walker
Henry Ward
Samuel E. Ward
R. Weatherford
J. Weatherford
William Whitlock

Ninth Regiment

Thomas J Hibbler, Captain
R P Brunson, First Lieutenant
James Yeldell, Second Lieutenant
L G Holloway, Ensign
Elbert Devore, First Sergeant
John B Holmes, Second Sergeant
Edward Morris, Third Sergeant
Wm. H. Adams, Fourth Sergeant


Thomas S. Adams
William Bowling
James Buffington
Robert Burton
William Bush
George Bussey
Edward Collier
Cartlet Corley
Luke Corley
Thomas Corley
John Cox
James Creymore
James Davis
Russell Doolittle
Saborn Doolittle
Thomas Edwards
Solomon Eikner
Spencer Elmore
John Evans
Wiley Freeman
Yancy Freeman
David Ferguson
Arthur Grice
Wash C. Hall
Lewis Hill
William Y. Hitt
William Holmes
H. Holsonback
D. Holsonback
David Johnson
George Kilcrease
John Kilcrease
Minor Kilcrease
Joseph Lantern
George Martin
James Martin
Joel McClendon
Robert Meriwether
Seaton Mootry
Hugh Moseley
Henry M. Nix
John North
John Prince
Terry Quinn
J. W. Radcliffe
Henry Reel
Francis Reynolds
J. M. Reynolds
Reuben Reynolds
A. W. Shannon
Amos Smith
Archy Smith
Wiley G. Spencer
E. P. Spivy
James J. Spivy
Wdooly William Street
John Stedham
John Syms
J. P. Terry
J. Timmerman
George Thurmond
Chas. G. Wallace
Mitchell Wells
Peter Williams
Peter Williams
Henry Winn

Tenth Regiment

David Denny, Captain
Jesse Schumpert, First Lieutenant
W. T. Abney, Second Lieutenant
John Johns, Ensign
Thos. Scurry, First Sergeant
Abner Hearn, Second Sergeant
John Smith, Third Sergeant
O. Ramage, Fourth Sergeant


Benjamin Abney
M. W. Abney
William Abney
H. Arnold
Elisha Ataway
Jesse Augustine
Elisha Barker
W. Barker
Wesley Barnes
Peter Berry
Walter Brown
William Christian
A. Clark
W. L. Coleman
Simpson Corley
William Corley
H. Culbreath
West Culbreath
William Culbreath
J. P. Duffy
James Edwards
S. Edson
H. C. Etheredge
William Foy
Andrew Harter
Joseph Gaston
George Gilman
M. Graham
George Henson
J. W. Holly
J. Hughes
R. Humphries
Caleb Inabnet
Arch’d Jenning
Thomas Jennings
George Lacook
Prince Little
David Long
George Long
A. Martin
Clark Martin
F. Massey
A. G. McCarty
P. McCarty
B. Merchant
Joel Merchant
Benjamin Neal
James Norrel
Charles O’Neal
A. H. Patrick
John Perry Jr.
James Powell
Benjamin Raiborn
H. Raiborn
Willis Rotton
Jonathan Row
W. G. Salter
Grant Scurry
J. B. Smith
Alexander Stewart
Luber Taylor
Jacob Trotter
Allen Vaughn
Lewis Watson
W. Wheeler
A. Whittle

After the above was in type a friend handed us the names of the “Hamburg Volunteers,” which makes our list of volunteers from this District complete.

Hamburg Volunteers

S. W. Cunningham, Captain
M. Penworth, First Lieutenant
Beverly A. Mann, First Sergeant
W. Ladson Smith, Third Sergeant


Larkin Anderson
Thomas M. Anderson
J. D. Atterberry
D. S. Bobb
R. S. Butler
W. Drake
G. W. Chamberlin
W. H. Cox
Washington Floyd
George H. Fraser
S. Hyams
J. Jeanerett
J. C. Mayson
James Meelin
Robert Ouian
M. F. D. Roddy
Charles C. Spann
E. C. Rice Tucker
N. B. Wise
John W. Yarborough

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