William Padgett of Edgefield County, South Carolina

William Padgett was also a worthy and prominent citizen of this section. He never sought nor held any public position. Indeed it may be said of the Padgetts that they are remarkable for their love of private life, William Padgett’s wife was Margaret Denny, sister of Colonel David Denny, of whom mention has already been made. He was quite wealthy before the war but at its close he was not rich. For honesty, industry, and general integrity of character he had few superiors.

Rev. Mahlon D. Padgett, of Mount Willing, and Mr. David Padgett, of the Ridge, are his sons. One of the loveliest characters I ever knew was Mr. Mahlon Padgett, whose home is near Trenton, hale and erect at the age of four score years, a man with a small body but a large head and large heart. I knew him first at school in the year 1835. We were students together in the same class in English Grammar, of which Rev. John A. Crouder helped to raise and organize Company D of the Nineteenth Regiment.

Source: Chapman, John Abney; History of Edgefield County from the earliest settlement to 1897; Newberry, S.C.: E. H. Aull, 1897.

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