Civil War Regiments: State Troops

Company I, State Troops

Roll of Company “I,” South Carolina State Troops, Station Pocotaligo, February, 1864:

J. C. Brooks, Captain:
L. S. Johnson, First Lieutenant
C. H. Plunkett, Second Lieutenant
J. A. Bland, Third Lieutenant
W. P. Delph, First Sergeant
G. W. Thurmond, Second Sergeant
S. V. Johnson, Third Sergeant
W. L. Anderson, Fourth Sergeant
Wm. Culham, First Corporal
J. P. Courtney, Second Corporal
Stephen Mays, Third Corporal
Robert D. Bryant, Fourth Corporal


A. Adams
H. Adams
G. A. Addison
T. Broadwater
Wm. P. Butler
W. Cartledge
M. Coon
W. H. Cumbee
B. Davis
M. DeMedicis
W. B. Elsmore
B. Franklin
M. Franklin
J. Glover
S. Glover
W. Glover
M. D. Green
W. Grice
H. Gulledge
S. Hendrix
S. Herndon
Wm. Hill
T. Hitt
J. Jones
J. C. Kennedy
R. E. Kenney
W. Lippard
M. Lebeschultz
W. K. Legg
A. Lewis
W. B. Mays
Jacob Mayer
L. Mayer
W. D. McGhee
R. Merriwether
A. Miles
George Miller
J. C. Mills
W. L. Murrell
A. Nunberger
M. J. Palmer
B. M. Posey for Jacob Layer
El. Posey
Jesse Satcher for E. M. Posey
James Powell
W. Powell
E. Randall
C. L. Refoe
John Rhinehart
J. Rice
Jno. Rossan
Julius Satcher
Joe. Saunders
Ed. Tankersly
Timothy Thomas
Joseph D. Turner
S. M. Williamson
Jacob Wise

Total, 71.

Source: Chapman, John Abney; History of Edgefield County from the earliest settlement to 1897; Newberry, S.C.: E. H. Aull, 1897.

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