Civil War Regiments: Seventh Regiment Cavalry

Company E, Seventh Regiment Cavalry

J. Wash Williams, Captain
W. P. Burkhalter, age 21, died of disease at home 1864
H. M. Burkhalter, age 19
A. J. Coleman, age 30
A. P. Coleman, age 26, wounded at Deep Bottom
L. E. Ferguson, age 26
J. R. Fox, age 19, died of disease at home
W. T. Golding, age 24, wounded near Barnville, scouting
W. S. Golding, age 22
F. G. Holloway, age 27
B. F. Payne, age 26, dead
J. W. Payne, age 21
W. B. Pulley, age 22, died since the war
D. Proctor, age 21, killed at Cold Harbor May 31st, 1864
J. M. Proctor, age 23
B. G. Smith, age 23
W. S, Smith, age 28
G. S. Smith, age 21, died since the war
Fred Scurry, age 30, died since the war

The following were in Company “C,” Holcombe Legion, commanded by Captain J. R. Spearman, which company was merged in Company “E,” Seventh Cavalry:

George P. Abney, died at Adams’ Run of measles
Nichols Burkhalter
Harry Coleman
Adolphus Gregory
Kit Gregory
B. F. Gregory
Augustus Mason
R. W. Payne
Garlen Smith
Jacob Smith

Source: Chapman, John Abney; History of Edgefield County from the earliest settlement to 1897; Newberry, S.C.: E. H. Aull, 1897.

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