St. James Parish Goose Creek, SC 1850 census – Page 835

An 1850 census extract of page 835 in St. James Goose Creek, South Carolina including a digital image of the census. Lists the surnames of Mellard, Shuler, Dantyler, Hutto, Ryan, Stoutmire, and Richburg.

Written Page 835
Typed Page 416

Schedule I.—Free Inhabitants in The Parish of St. James Goose Creek in the District of Charleston State
of South Carolina enumerated by me on the 6th day of August 1850. John M. Shingler Ass’t Marshall

3333Thomas J Mellard47MPlanter725So Carolina
Mary A Mellard35Fdo
Wm H Mellard26MSurveyordo
James P Mellard14Mdo/
Joel P Mellard12Mdo/
Lewis C Mellard10Mdo/
Isaac D Mellard7Mdo
Mary Ann Mellard5Fdo
Laura B Mellard3Fdo
John W Mellard1Mdo
3434Alfred Shuler37MPlanter2000do
Clarisa J Shuler36Fdo
Ann E Shuler15Fdo/
Julia M Shuler13Fdo/
Spartan W Shuler11Mdo/
Emma F Shuler9Fdo
Harrison A Shuler6Mdo
Chas. C. P. Shuler4Mdo
Laura F. R. Shuler1Fdo
3535Eliz. Dantyler35FPlanter600do
David Dantyler16Mdo/
Eliz. Dantyler14Fdo/
Celia Dantyler12Fdo/
Angus Dantyler10Mdo/
Victoria Dantyler8Fdo/
Margaret Dantyler7Fdo
Rebecca Dantyler1Fdo
3636Lewis Hutto26MPlanter550do
Ann C Hutto23Fdo
Mary L Hutto1Fdo
3737Mary A E Ryan30Fdo
Eliz. C Ryan9Fdo
Laura Ryan5Fdo
Thos Ryan3Mdo
3838David Stoutmire50MPlanter200do
Nancy Stoutmire52do
Wesley Stoutmire23Laborerdo
Martin Stoutmire21dodo
Daniel Stoutmire18do
Edwin Stoutmire13do
Margaret Stoutmire10do
3939Henry F Richburg69MPlanter1000do
Column headers reflect the numerical column headings for the 1850 census.
1850 census page 835
1850 census page 835

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